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By John G. Webster (Editor)

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This measures the undesirable coupling. The isolation is the relationship between power in the isolated (port 4) and input (port 1) ports. Isolated 4 port Coupled port 2 Direct port Y3 Y1 Input port 3 Y2 λ /4 Y4 1 λ /4 (a) Figure 19. Hybrid ring (courtesy of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Brası´lia). Figure 18(a) shows a coupler in branch line topology (11,12). A larger coupling factor can be obtained in this directional coupler. It also allows keeping dc continuity between the ports, which is an interesting feature for phase-shifter design [as shown in Fig.

Figure 15 illustrates lumped and distributed circuits in planar technology. Following are the most important design parameters for planar transmission lines: • effective dielectric constant • characteristic impedance • dispersion ;; ;; ;; ANTENNA ACCESSORIES 537 Strip conductor Ground plane b Dielectric substrate t w Stripline-TEM mode Ground plane (a) (a) Strip conductor Dielectric substrate t b w Ground plane Microstrip line- quasi-TEM mode (b) Ground plane Ground plane Slot Figure 15. Lumped and distributed MICs.

This is only one of a number of useful ferrite phase shifter types, and a more complete listing can be found (1) in the literature. Typically ferrite phase shifters can provide extremely precise phase shift, insertion loss less than 1 dB, and can handle hundreds of watts of average power. Figure 4(b) shows one section of a switched line phase shifter that inserts an effective path length l1 or l2 , depending upon the settings of switches s1 and s2 . Diodes can also be used to switch much longer lengths of line and so can Antenna Arrays 3 Figure 2.

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