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Download A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques by Jonn Mumford PDF

By Jonn Mumford

Spend quite a few mins every day training the outstanding yoga and effort paintings suggestions during this e-book and you'll quick construct a superior beginning of internal leisure and effort self-discipline that results in greater health and wellbeing, an extended lifestyles, and larger keep an eye on over your own future. Dr. Jonn Mumford's vintage consultant to the basics of strength paintings is among the clearest, so much available books on yoga on hand. It bargains a wealth of illustrations, tables, and full-color chakra strength playing cards to bridge the space among guide and knowing. during this specified self support book's ultimate part, a gorgeous Tantric ritual describes the "levers" with that you could rework a daily second into certainly one of transcendence.

A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook contains a twelve-week plan of strong psychic strategies, breath and posture workouts for final wellbeing and fitness and wellness.

—Experience overall unlock from daily tension and worries
—Overcome insomnia, light melancholy, nervousness, and panic attacks
—Rejuvenate your frightened procedure and sharpen sensory perception
—Improve your reminiscence and entry "forgotten" unconscious material
—Develop your psychic talents, together with telepathy and clairvoyance
—Enter states of ecstasy and achieve cosmic consciousness


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Read or Download A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health, Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Realization PDF

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Left leg: Inhalation while sensing, contracting, and raising. Exhalation while relaxing, dropping, and melting. 5. Whole trunk: Mentally scan from the pelvis, up the spine, to the back of the head while "surrendering" the trunk of the body to gravity. 8. Commence concentrating upon your upper and lower extremities (the arms and legs), and with each exhalation feel your arms and legs becoming heavier and heavier. Imagine yourself melting or sinking into the floor. It should be noted that the placing of the extremities permits the individual to take maximum advantage of the natural pull of gravity.

If necessary, you may repeat the routine several times before progressing to the more classical Step 8. Right arm: On inhalation (breathing naturally), make a firm fist, extending the contraction up the arm to the shoulder, while simultaneously stretching your arm and raising your whole arm a few inches from the floor. Upon exhalation, release the tension in your arm and let it "flop" (drop) to the floor. Left arm: Switch the searchlight of your mind to your left arm, mentally scanning from shoulders to fingertips; on inhalation, make a fist, stretch your arm from the shoulder, and lift it several inches from the floor.

After firmly establishing the breathing rhythm, begin the mental repetition of the mantra So Hum. So is mentally repeated on the inhalation and Hum is mentally repeated on the exhalation. The japa (repetition) of the mantra is to be carried on in conjunction with, and while being mindful 39 A Chakra ano 1

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