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By Jane Hillston

This can be the 1st ebook proposing a stochastic extension of method algebra, PEPA; this is often proven to be appropriate for specifying a Markov strategy, that can then be utilized to functionality modelling. the tactic, that's illustrated with case reviews taken from the world of communique platforms, can without difficulty be used to build numerous types that may be analysed utilizing regular numerical options. one of many significant merits of PEPA over the normal tools for specifying stochastic functionality types is the inherent gear for reasoning in regards to the constitution and behavior of versions. within the later chapters this equipment is exploited to outline 4 equivalence family members over PEPA parts. every one of those notions of equivalence has intrinsic curiosity from a procedure algebra standpoint. although, also they are verified to be worthwhile in a functionality modelling context. To finish the booklet, a bit has been further surveying contemporary ends up in the world and discussing open questions.

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