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Download Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism by Yogi Ramacharaka PDF

By Yogi Ramacharaka

" This ebook comprises actual, common knowledge. once we all notice the "oneness" of this universe and our interconnectedness on a really literal point, we will start to know the way and WHY our thoughts/actions do have an effect on everyone/everything else, and, in flip, how that back impacts US. This society is falling aside simply because we proceed to think in our separateness. this gorgeous e-book breathtakingly conveys not just how, yet why, to appear within ourselves for the sunshine (read "goodness/enlightenment/god-knowledge/energy")that is actually and uniquely inside of each folks to aid us as our lives/souls spread. If our youngsters might start, on the youngest of a while, to advance a feeling in their personal own energy and artistic (meaning to create) power, and will be aware of deeply the sensation of non-public peace and delight at their very own accomplishments, every one may detect that working towards bigotry, humiliation, aggression, greed or this kind of negativity is harmful so much of all to the wrongdoer. The solutions are all the following. this article is brilliantly written and should look at the start extra incomprehensible than it's. may that extra humans may perhaps learn and digest this brilliant paintings. "

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You are needcd by others in the world--others need youand you must play your part. You cannot run away, even if you want to-so accept the part that is allotted to you, and use pour present state as a thing upon which you may mount to greater things. You are a cog in the great machinery of life, and you must do your work. " This life may be earrjed into your business, profession or t r a d e 4 f it cannot be taken with you everywhere, MORE WGHT ON THE PATH. 55 something is wrong with it; or with you.

43 men& The butterfly is within the caterpillar-but it is also beyond him-dnd when he gains it he is no longer a caterpillar but a butterfly. These are crude illustrations, but perhaps they may help you to understand the matter more clearly. "Desire only that which is unattainable," This sounds discouraging, but, when understood, it really gives renewed energy. The text goes on: "It is unattainable, because it forever recedes. " As the soul gains in spiritual consciousness, it becomes greater and grander, but it is traveling but the first steps in the real journey-but that journey is becoming more and more pleasant.

When we understand each other's words and terms, we often find that we have much in common, and but little apart from each other, 20. Seek it not by any one road. To each temperament, there ie one road which aeeme the mast desirable. But thc wny is not found by devotion elone, by teligioue oontemplatton alone, by ardent progress, by eelf-sacriking hbor, by studiooe observation of lifa None elone can take the dieciple more than one atep onwarda All atepa are necessery fa make up the ladder. The vice6 of men become ate$ h the Indder, one by one ae they are eurmoonted.

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