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Download Advanced Hatha Yoga: Classic Methods of Physical Education by hyam Sundar Goswami PDF

By hyam Sundar Goswami

The vintage Hatha yoga handbook for a robust, important, attractive physique and a balanced, harmonious, chuffed brain

• contains directions for plenty of complicated Hatha yoga routines to construct power, stamina, and stable posture, the required foundation for religious improvement

• offers specific workout plans that will help you enhance your own weekly perform

• Explains conventional yogic tools of fasting and inner detoxing, practices to reinforce the endocrine process, tools for complex sexual keep an eye on, breath keep an eye on practices, and focus routines to enhance brain strength

Based upon historical Sanskrit works on yoga in addition to millions of years of oral teachings, this Hatha yoga vintage strikes past the introductory point of yoga and gives illustrated directions for plenty of complicated asanas and different yogic thoughts to construct energy, stamina, and reliable posture--a important prerequisite for religious improvement.

Offering distinctive workout plans that can assist you strengthen your own weekly yoga perform in addition to ideas to focus on particular parts of the physique, similar to the belly muscular tissues, this publication additionally comprises precise directions on many different types of prânâyâma (breath control), together with exchange nose respiring, kapâlabhâti, and sahita, in addition to meditative tools for constructing your powers of focus and psychological self-discipline. With directions on vitamin, fasting, inner detoxification, complicated sexual regulate, and strengthening the endocrine approach, Sri S. S. Goswami’s vintage textual content provides the total photo of a sophisticated Hatha yoga way of life for a robust, important, appealing physique and a balanced, harmonious, chuffed brain.

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For this purpose the alimentary canal should be kept in a perfectly clean condition. This is done by the system of internal cleansing known in Ha˛ha Yoga as ṣaṭ karman (six purifications), which can be subdivided into two: extensive and abbreviated. The abbreviated system consists of: 1. Colonic Auto-Lavage (Jala Vasti): cleans the alimentary canal 3. Nasal Thread-Cleansing (Sūtra Neti): cleans the nasal cavities and upper section of the throat 4. Gazing (Tr›˛aka): purifies and strengthens the eyes, closely related to concentration Cleansing the Alimentary Canal In Gastric Cloth-Cleansing, a long narrow piece of fine cloth soaked in clean water is swallowed gradually, then gently withdrawn.

He who tries to concentrate on something makes his body or certain parts of his body stationary. When a cat is about to jump on its prey, it first makes its body very still. When you want to look at some finer things or hear some sound from a greater distance, you keep your body stationary for the moment. Motion is antagonistic to concentration. In a crude way, this has been demonstrated in animals, but it has been fully developed in human beings. Our specialty does not lie in our constant movements, though adequate movements are necessary for life.

The elementary Sagarbha Sahita Breath Control has been utilized as an advanced Nā˜ī Śuddhi process, termed Bhūta Śuddhi breath control. After exercise and before concentration, the practice of Audāsīnyasthiti (Conscious Relaxation) was prescribed. The other auxiliary factors were fasting, frugal diet, baths, and massage. At the last stage of Sahita Breath Control the power of levitation is acquired. Now more and more control over animation is gained and ultimately it is suspended. There is no inhalation and exhalation.

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