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Download Advanced Thai Yoga Massage: Postures and Energy Pathways for by Kam Thye Chow PDF

By Kam Thye Chow

Extend your Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform with complex postures and effort paintings to regard rigidity, again ache, complications, and a number of other universal stipulations

• comprises step by step pictures for greater than 50 complicated Thai yoga therapeutic massage postures
• Illustrates in complete colour the destinations of the sen traces and explains their particular healing characteristics and connections to ayurveda and the five kosha our bodies
• information profitable therapies for eight universal diseases with customized 60-minute Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture flows in addition to ayurvedic and yoga thoughts for persevered therapeutic and prevention at domestic

In the original therapeutic method of Thai yoga massage--based on yoga, ayurveda, and the martial arts--the practitioner makes use of his or her personal fingers, ft, hands, and legs to softly consultant the recipient via a chain of yoga postures whereas palming and thumbing alongside the body’s strength pathways and strain issues, identified within the Thai culture as sen traces and in ayurveda as marma issues.

Providing the way to extend one’s Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform, this booklet contains step by step pictures and instructions for greater than 50 complicated Thai yoga postures in addition to profitable therapies for eight universal illnesses: rigidity, again discomfort, stiff neck and shoulders, arm and hand exhaustion, complications, constipation, fibromyalgia, and anxiety/depression. every one therapy plan bargains a personalized one-hour Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture circulation particular to that sickness in addition to ayurvedic and yoga concepts for endured therapeutic and prevention after the therapeutic massage consultation. This accomplished advisor additionally illustrates the precise position of the sen strains and marma issues, detailing their healing symptoms and connections to ayurveda and the 5 kosha our bodies, in addition to explaining the way to include them into periods for deeper therapeutic.

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There are many people who at one time or another in their lives experience the beatific vision suddenly, in unexpected ways or under strange circumstances, and feel themselves in a new world or under a new order of things. As if temporarily gifted with a new kind perception, they see their surroundings transformed into a dreamland, a realm of inexpressible glory in which, forgetting for a while who they are, they taste the joy of a liberated existence, unencumbered by the problems and obsessions of the earth.

The same misunderstanding can result from the term fana used in Sufi literature. The word fana connotes extinction. The egobound, narrow human personality has to efface itself to make room for a higher state of Being to transcend the limitations, imposed by the senses, and to be in a position to grasp the hitherto Intangible and to know the previously Unknowable. When the contact takes place it has the effect of Divine Intoxication, so beautifully expressed by the Sufi poets. In this state of sat-chit-ananda (existence, consciousness, bliss) the enraptured soul breaking the restraining bonds of the ego loses all idea of the body, the world, and the objects of the senses in the contemplation of a surpassingly blissful, intensely alive, and extremely fascinating state of Being, which human language completely fails to portray.

If mystical experience is rooted in reality and is not merely a dreamlike condition of the mind, it must have a common basis, run a uniform course and have a uniform symptomatology and climax for all men, perhaps with slight modifications due to temperamental and constitutional differences, as every other psychic manifestation in human beings. It must be subservient to a law or several laws, and must constitute an activity for which provision already exists in the human organism. It can in no case be an arbitrary excursion of the human mind into unknown regions of consciousness, engineered by man himself, without any legal sanction from Nature or from God.

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