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By R. van Eldik (Eds.)

Advances in Inorganic Chemistry offers well timed, informative and entire studies of the present growth in all components inside inorganic chemistry starting from bio-inorganic to sturdy kingdom reviews. This acclaimed serial beneficial properties studies written by way of specialists within the sector and is an critical connection with complicated researchers. every one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry comprises an index, and every bankruptcy is absolutely referenced. . the most recent quantity during this hugely winning sequence is devoted to redox-active steel complexes . complete experiences written through prime specialists within the box . An imperative connection with complex researchers. learn more... content material: Synergy among concept and test as utilized to H/D trade task assays in [Fe]H₂ase energetic web site types / Jesse W. Tye ... [et al.] -- digital constitution and spectroscopic homes of molybdenum and tungsten N₂, NNH, NNH₃ complexes with diphosphine co-ligands: insights into the end-on terminal relief pathway of dinitrogen / Felix Tuczek. -- Quantum chemical investigations into the matter of organic nitrogen fixation: sellmann-type metal-sulfur version complexes / Markus Reiher and Bernd A. Hess. -- Proton and electron transfers in [NiFe] hydrogenase / in step with E.M. Siegbahn. -- Heterolytic splitting of H-H, Si-H, and different [sigma] bonds on electrophilic steel facilities / Gregory J. Kubas. -- Tetrapodal pentadentate nitrogen ligands: facets of complicated constitution and reactivity / Andreas Grohmann. -- effective, ecologically benign, cardio oxidation of alcohols / István E. Markó ... [et al.] -- obvious gentle photocatalysis by way of a titania transition steel complicated / Horst Kisch, Gerald Burgeth and Wojciech Macyk. summary: Advances in Inorganic Chemistry provides well timed, informative and accomplished experiences of the present development in all components inside of inorganic chemistry starting from bio-inorganic to strong country experiences. This acclaimed serial gains reports written via specialists within the sector and is an fundamental connection with complicated researchers. every one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry includes an index, and every bankruptcy is totally referenced. . the newest quantity during this hugely winning sequence is devoted to redox-active steel complexes . finished studies written through top specialists within the box . An critical connection with complicated researchers

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Manuscript in preparation. QUANTUM CHEMICAL INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE PROBLEM OF BIOLOGICAL NITROGEN FIXATION: SELLMANN-TYPE METAL–SULFUR MODEL COMPLEXES MARKUS REIHER* and BERND A. de I. Introduction II. The Active Site of Nitrogenase: FeMo-Cofactor A. Present Status of Theoretical Studies III. Biomimetic Sellmann-Type Metal Complexes IV. The First 2 -Electron^2-Proton Transfer A. First Step: Hydrogen Bonds in Mononuclear Fe(II) Complexes B. Different Stabilization Effects in Coordinated cis- and trans-Diazene C.

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