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By Abe J M (eds )

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It is a computer object that has the following properties: autonomy, social ability, reactivity and pro-activeness [9], and besides processing its inputs accordingly to its own intelligence, generating some outputs, Fig. 1. The agent has the feature of temporal continuity, because it monitors the environment awaiting the occurrences that asks for actions. By analyzing an occurred facts sequence registration, the agent takes the right decision based on its own knowledge. The autonomy feature is given by its decision-making and actions' control to achieve its goals and acquired knowledge based behavior.

For an atomic formula P t 1 , . . , t m , 22 K. Nakamatsu cmd A. Suzuki / Automated Theorem Proving (i) if none of tl, . . , tm contains a term of the form LXiA, (i) let P(ix il >li(xi 1 ),. ,ixlniAm(xlm)) stand for P(t1,. tm). where ix^A^x^) ..... LX im^m(xim} are all outermost descriptions occurring in tl ..... tm left to right. then where each ij(l < j < m) is one of 1. . , n ; 6. let A and B be any formulas, (~ A)* =~ A*. ) -+ A*)(i = 1, . . , n). (A -> b}* = A* -> B*. 2 From FDn to SEn Given a FDn-model M =< Glt .

Thus, by the induction hypothesis, p-^(Bl:f)V---V(Bm:f). Then, for any clause Bl A • • • A Bm -> A'(t\,. . , t'n) in P. P~ \= Vyi • • • Vyfc(*! = t\ A • - - A tn = t'n -> (Bl :/) V • • • V (Bm :/)). 4:/). 4:/) whenever T/v t d is a model of Pj~. Basis d = 1. 4 : /). and 7\ t 1 can De a model of Pf" and (-4:/). Then, there is a clause. ,. Thus, /I = A'(ti, . . ,tn) cannot be unified with any head of clauses and -4 € FF0. 4:/). 4 € FFa_\. Induction Step d = a + 1. In this case, for any clause. B!

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