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Download Alkali Halides: A Handbook of Physical Properties by Professor em. D. B. Sirdeshmukh, Professor L. Sirdeshmukh, PDF

By Professor em. D. B. Sirdeshmukh, Professor L. Sirdeshmukh, Professor K. G. Subhadra (auth.)

The alkali halide crystals have consistently been on the centre level of solid-state physics. they've been "model crystals" for trying out many solid-state theories. In contemporary a long time, they've got additionally proved beneficial in different functions starting from X-ray monochromators to tunable lasers. due to this twin value - either basically clinical and technological - an enormous quantity of data has been generated on all features of the alkali halides. this data has so far been scattered all through a variety of journals and reference assets. This instruction manual brings jointly quite a lot of details at the experimentally made up our minds homes of the alkali halides. a few theoretically derived parameters have additionally been integrated. the entire vital literature from 1950 to 2000 has been surveyed. supplying in one quantity all crucial info at the actual homes of alkali halides, this booklet could be a necessary reference for solid-state physicists and fabrics scientists.

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