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By Elisée Reclus

The first entire advent to the concept of Elisée Reclus, the good anarchist geographer and political theorist, Anarchy, Geography, Modernity offers his groundbreaking critique of all kinds of domination: not just capitalism, the country, and authoritarian faith, but in addition patriarchy, racism, technological domination, and the domination of nature. not just an anarchist, but additionally a thorough feminist, antiracist, ecologist, animal rights recommend, cultural radical, nudist, and vegetarian, Reclus’ rules are provided either via targeted exposition and research and in wide translations of key texts, so much showing in English for the 1st time. The paintings elucidates Reclus’ maximum fulfillment, a sweeping historic and theoretical synthesis recounting the tale of the earth and humanity as an epochal fight among freedom and domination, and his an important insights at the interrelation among own and small-group transformation, broader cultural switch, and large-scale social association also are explored.

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What is striking about his viewpoint is the degree to which he was able to transcend many of the dominant ideas of his century in shifting from an entirely humancentered to a more earth-centered perspective. The comments of an early commentator, Edward Rothen, in a memorial tribute, indicate the extent to which Reclus’ approach could seem even in his own day to constitute a break with the dominant human-centered ideology. ”27 Considering his recognition of the continuity and underlying unity of all being, and the awe with which he contemplated nature, this certainly captures an important dimension of Reclus’ outlook.

In his view, such changes would probably allow a much greater human population to be supported. ”74 Reclus did not consider the possibility that if vastly increased social and ecological costs of increased technological development led to a slowing of growth in productivity, the per capita supply of arable land dwindled with population growth, and ecological degradation caused the quality of the soil to deteriorate, exactly opposite conclusions concerning population would follow. Today, the significant slowing of population growth in much of the global South can be seen as a response to such problems, which have been aggravated by the additional burdens imposed by the neoliberal restructuring of the global economy.

He moralizes about the fact that in the more affluent areas, natality drops drastically. ”75 He attributes to the egoism of affluence the failure of the citizens to reproduce at a level that he thinks appropriate, and he presents the phenomenon as an example of how under capitalism the pursuit of individual self-interest conflicts with the general good. 76 No doubt there is truth in his observations. ” Despite his pronatalist tendencies, Reclus did not share the widespread view that an increase in population was an unmixed blessing to society.

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